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Free Download Counter Strike Extreme V2 Full Version Games

Counter-Strike, commonly summarized into CS, or CS: S for Counter-Strike: Source, is based upon the troops, tactical first-person shooter game which comes with a number of exchange mod created by Minh "gooseman" Le and Jess Cliffe, of Valve Software first-person shooter, Half-Life. This game has been developed into a siri since the original output, which is included Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and Counter-Strike: Source.

Counter-Strike held one of the counter-terrorist forces against the centrifugal forces of the Terrorists winning the match with a Complete objective or eliminate the opponent forces. Latest incarnation of this game, Counter-Strike: Source, is based on an awakened enjin Source for Half-Life 2. Sign extends the influence of the Counter-Strike mod to be found in games like Quake III Arena, Unreal Tournament, and other shooters such as Global Operations alone, Americas Army, Call of Duty and many more.

Like in May 2006, Counter-Strike he was a first-person shooter playable online largest in the world. In 2002 there were over 30.000 population of Counter-Strike servers on the Internet (second place was Unreal Tournament with about 9.800). In 2004, GameSpy statistics showed over 85.000 players playing Counter-Strike berterusan in any currency in the future, and in 2006, often shows more Steam 200.000 players for Counter-Strike (this includes Counter-Strike: Source, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and Counter-Strike).

According to statistics collected by the content-delivery platforms Valve, Steam, these players accounted for over 4.5 billion-out of the playing minutes away every month, memejalkan position as an online first-person shooters in the history of the most popular. Counter-Strike was originally played online through the WON solemn games, which already is closed in 2004, forcing the player to switch to Steam (to which one seksyen of players responded by creating their own WON series, held WON2).

What is Counter-Strike?

Counter-Strike (abbreviated CS) is a video game shoot-first-person or first person shooting the video game is a modification of Half-Life by Minh "Gooseman" Le and Jess "Cliffe" Cliffe. This game has evolved into a series of new games since its launch, including Counter-Strike:

- Condition Zero
- Counter-Strike: Source
- Counter-Strike Neo
- Counter-Strike Online

Info About Counter-Strike:

- Counter-Strike is the first FPS game honest players join either the Terrorist (T), Counter-Terrorist (CT) and the Spectator

- Every one round, both teams will return Spawn

- Player can choose to play as one of eight different default character models (four for each side, although Counter-Strike: Condition Zero added two extra models, bringing the total to ten)

- Players are usually given a few seconds before the start of the game (known as the Freeze Time) to prepare and buy equipment. then they can not run and attack.

Scenario Games:

In addition to the ways below, victory can be achieved by killing all the members of the opposite team.

A. Bomb Defusal

Apply for places beginning with de, example: de_inferno, de_dust, etc..

In this scenario, the Terrorist team tasked to plant a bomb in a place that has been provided, called the bombsite (A and B). Conversely, Counter-Terrorist team must defuse the bomb if it is planted, or prevented planting Terrorist bomb.

2. Hostage Rescue

Apply for places beginning with cs, for example: cs_assault, cs_militia, etc..

In this place, Counter-Terrorist must save all four fifths hostage (hostage) located at the headquarters of Terrorist (T Spawn)

3. Assatination

Apply for places beginning with as, for example: as_tundra, as_oilrig, etc..

In assatination scenario, one member of the Counter-Terrorist become VIP in his team. Members should not die until you reach a safe place (usually a helicopter or a tank).

This scenario is not much there in the game Counter-Strike.

Counter Strike Extreme V2 Trailer : 

Minimum Hardware Requirements:

Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.0
Pentium 133 +, 24 MB RAM
SVGA, high color (16-bit)
2x CD-ROM drive
Windows-compatible sound card
Mouse, keyboard

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